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Bringing Life to Work

Life, for most people, is a dream waiting to be pursued and realized. At Metamor, the ever growing workforce is encouraged to do just that!
Right from supporting and inspiring each employee towards being dedicated to their work, to the recreational activities organized across the company’s premises, every Metamorians is boosted to achieve fulfillment in all aspects.

Life @ Metamor

Employee focus:  Happy employees perform better at work!

Equal opportunity and respect to all

All employees are valued, respected and treated equally, as a vital part of Metamor’s vibrant work culture.

Capability appreciation

Capability weighs more than experience – this is a belief prevalent in Metamor. It is through this belief that every talented and capable employee is duly acknowledged and appreciated through genuine support and encouragement to grow.

Home-grown talent

The employees and their skills are nurtured and enhanced with complete support, through various training programs, workshops, and sessions with the leadership and managers.

The management constantly endeavors to ensure that all Metamorians are given an ecosystem in which they can flourish to the best of their abilities.

Employees Speak!

"Before work shifting, you either had to live where you worked or work where you lived. The idea that you can work where you are fulfilled, yet live in a community you choose, changed my life".

"Inspiring leadership and a strong corporate culture make this a great place for career growth. Talent is appreciated, and hard work is recognized".

At Metamor, you make things happen

Everything we do supports our belief that work should be fun. Working hard while enjoying life is essential to our success.

Our Culture

When you ask employees what makes Metamor a great place to work, the first thing you hear about is our unique culture:  great leadership and co-workers, innovation, collaboration and flexibility.


We have big ideas and imagine new ways to make things better. Your ideas will be heard.

Great co-workers

People here are smart and curious. We enjoy working with each other.

Strong leadership

Our leadership shares a clear vision for the company and empowers employees to deliver that vision.


Our environment is open. We connect personally and professionally with colleagues around the globe. We help each other succeed. We are working together, even when we are worlds apart.


We focus on delivering results more than where or when work gets done. We are leaders in the movement toward working anywhere, anytime, on any device.

We continuously redefine what it means to go to work.

Working here can be a life-changing experience. It’s intense, challenging and exhilarating. And that’s what makes work a whole lot of fun.

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